The Best Way To Discover Azores

Liveaboard is the best and nicest way to visit the Azores archipelago, combining sailing and diving, and a stunning scenery all in one. It takes place on a Bavaria 46, a 14.27m sailboat, with 4 bedrooms, 3 wcs, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. It has a load capacity of 8 divers. There are several programs at the client’s disposal, which can be pre-established or customer tailored, all might be subject to minor changes depending on the weather condition but don’t worry, we got you covered for all situations. 


Our Locations

Discover the best spots in the Azores with us. Either if you want a relaxing vacation aboard or an authentic diving experience, we got you covered.

Pico Island

Based on Lajes do Pico - Pico Island

You will be diving in the South of Pico Island where there are many walls that formed over time with eruptions, therefore, composed of volcanic rock, amazing arches, and of course a very diverse sea life.

Faial Island

Diving in Faial, between Faial and Pico Islands, will complete your trip in the Azores. Fantastic diving, schools of eagle rays, an ancient volcano, and swimming through an underwater mountain between Pico and Faial (Baixa do Sul) is without any doubt the best way to discover the hidden beauty of the Azores.

São Jorge Island

Both a trip and a dive in São Jorge can be an excellent option for those who really love both sailing and diving.

The Ultimate Diving Experience

Princesa Alice

Faraway the best dive that we have in the Azores. Whether diving with a group of Mantas, observing big schools of barracudas, or being in the center of giant tunas, Princesa Alice will be the ultimate dive experience for you in the Azores.

Liveaboard Packs & Pricing

5 days

500€ Non-diver, 650€ Diver

Best way of diving without having a diving course. Try Dive and discover the underwater world.

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7 Days

650€ Non-diver, 850€ Diver

Departure from Lajes to Pico's harbour, with two daily dives in Pico, Faial and S. Jorge islands, Princess Alice and Condor banks, and Baixa Sul and Baixa dos Rosais, return to Pico at the end of our trip.

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Princesa Alice - 2 days

300€ double, 350€ single

Departure from the Lajes do Pico's harbour in the previous day, with overnight stay on board, two dives with Manta rays at the Princess Alice Bank, then, return to Pico.

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