Dive Experiences & Courses

Either if you are a pro or just a beginner wanting his first experience in scuba diving, we got you covered. Check out our prices below.

1/2 days

Scuba Diving Baptism


Best way of diving without having a diving course. Try Dive and discover the underwater world.

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3 days

Open Water Diver


First level of diving courses. Get your license to dive and join us in this wonderful world with a Open Water Diver course.

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2 days

Advanced Open Water


For certified or non-certified divers! Venture out into the deep blue waters and see all the great marine life.

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2 days

Rescue Diver Course


Extend your skills into a upper level. Rescue diver will provide skills to manage and avoid diving accidents. 

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3 Weeks

Dive Master Course


Get Pro with us. Learn your divemaster in a real environment of a divecenter. Get your DIivemaster with us.

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2 Days

Dive Specialities


Get Pro with us. Learn your any edive speciality in a real environment. Get your Skills improve with us.

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Diving Packs

Check below our diving packs. In case you want one tailored for your needs, drop us a message.

1 Dive

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3 Dives

2 dives per day
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5 Dives

2 Dives per day
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10 Dives

2 Dives per day
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Princesa Alice

Ofshore dive, full day with lunch included
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Dive with Sharks

Come enjoy with us this amazing experience
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